Abuse Assessment

The following is a list of abusive behaviors.  Please check each of the following behaviors you have experienced. 

Social Abuse

Social abuse is any action that restricts the social activities of another person or demeans their image. 

Joked/Insulted the role of women/men or made sexist remarks in your presence      
Isolated you from friends or activities    
Isolated themselves socially and then sought your pity 
Insisted that you worked while they may or may not work 
Denied/minimized your past experiences 
Got you fired or reprimanded  
Locked you in/out of your home 
Took or controlled the use of your money 
Sold your things 
Caused others to think poorly of you 
Intentionally embarrassed you in front of others 
Flirted with others in public  
Fixed the car so that you couldn't go anywhere/refused to let you drive 
Made a public display of fighting with others/destroying property  
Monitored your phone calls/your activities via phone or  other means of spying 
Denied or minimized your family/cultural traditions/religion  
Refused to pay bills/allow you to pay them/ruined your credit rating 
Threatened to hurt/alienate your extended family or friends  
Accused your friends of wrong doing 
Told others they were in control all of the time 
Did not allow you to make decisions  
Spent pay check before meeting obligations/Abandoned you without resources 

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is repeated verbal or nonverbal psychological assaults. 

Put down your abilities as a parent, worker or lover    
Insulted/humiliated you/repeatedly and in specifically sensitive areas  
Accused you of not paying him/her enough attention 
Subjected you to cold, stony silent treatment  
Abused your children physically/sexually 
Withheld approval as a punishment for something you did 
Threatened or attempted to commit suicide 
Yelled at you/called you names/labeled you as crazy, dumb, bitch, whore.  
Resented your children/Threatened to get custody of children 
Blamed you for everything that went wrong  
Told you that you couldn't make it without them 
Invaded your personal space  
Accused you of being violent 
Threatened violence/revenge against you  
Acted so you couldn't predict what would trigger their abuse 
Told you that you were having a breakdown 
Tortured pets/Recited details explaining how a person or animal would be tortured              
Taunted you about your depression/ being suicidal 
Encouraged you to commit suicide 
Did not allow you to eat until they decided you could 
Told you things would never change/Told you they're in total control 

Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse is hurtful touching/contact directed at another. 

Deprived you of food, clothes, shelter, money, sanitary  or facilities    
Pinched you/Squeezed you/ Twisted your arm 
Exposed you to intense heat or cold 
Pushed you/Threw you /Shook you    
Thrown objects at you      
Injured you intentionally 
Hit you/Punched you/Slapped you    
Hit or kicked you repeatedly 
Deprived you of sleep    
Forced you to miscarry or have an abortion 
Bruised/Scratched you 
Bitten you 
Prevented you from calling police/friends for help 
Used household objects as a weapons (pans, bottle, etc.) 
Strangled you/Smothered you 
Tied you up       
Hit you in a chosen spot (targeted hitting) 
Injured you so that you required medical treatment 
Used conventional weapons (guns, knife, etc.) 
Kicked you/Tripped you/Stomped on you    
Broken a bone 
Attempted to poison, drown or murder you                    
Forced you to kneel or crawl on the floor 
Prevented you from receiving medical treatment 
Attempted to throw you out/run you over/drag you with a  vehicle 
Disabled you/Disfigured you 
Held you and hit or punched you 
Burned you 
Injured you internally 
Shot at you or shot you

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any action (verbal or non verbal) which degrade a persons sexuality. 

Made insulting reference/sexual jokes about women/men's  bodies 
Talked about the opposite sex as sex objects 
Went out with other women/men 
Criticized your sexual performance 
Accused you of looking/talking to another man/woman 
Accused you of having sex with another                
Called you a lesbian or gay 
Forced you into uncomfortable sex 
Withheld affection/sex to punish you    
Reacted angrily/violently when you tried to share your  needs 
Got you drunk or stoned in order to have sex 
Forced you to listen to his/her dirty talk 
Forced you to talk dirty 
Touched opposite sex in a sexual way in your presence  
Forced you to have sex without contraception 
Labeled you sexually (whore/slut/prude/frigid) 
Minimized your feelings/needs regarding sex 
Forced you into degrading acts 
Had sex with your friend or relative 
Forced you to watch/ be filmed in sexual acts 
Forced you to have sex with others 
Threatened/demanded/forced you to have sex with him/her 
Told you about his/her affairs 
Forced you to have sex after a beating 
Forced you to have sex with children/animals 
Used objects/weapons during sex 
Mutilated your sexual organs