The Cycle of Personal Responsibility

These are the steps of the Cycle of Personal Responsibility:

1. Awareness: I became aware of the problem. When we become aware of a problem we are often forced to pay attention and to make a choice.

2. Options: I check out my options. When listing options, include all possible solutions to your problem. Often when we have a bad situation, it can be difficult to see solutions.

3. Choice: I choose an option. When making a choice, remember, if it isn't working keep trying. "Perfect" is not the important thing; making the choice away from abuse is what is important.

4. Plan: I make a plan. Ask yourself - What needs to be done to carry out my plan? Step by step, keeping in mind the safety of you and your children.

5. Do It! - I carry out the plan.

Safety First

Before going any further in your effort to end abuse, prepare a safety plan that will organize your escape. This is much like an escape plan you would make in case of a fire. It describes exactly what you do when the tension is building to keep yourself and your children safe.